The Need

Broadmoor Design Build was one of the first integrated design build contractors in the State of Louisiana. As one of the groundbreakers in this new construction delivery method, the firm had the chance to tackle some of the largest, fast-paced rebuilding projects in the State in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This work had been performed for federal, military, State agencies, and private industrial organizations, but not yet for one of the largest builders in the region – the public school system.

the solution

In a focused effort to change this story, the Curated Communications team joined forces with the Broadmoor team, an organization we had been developing marketing tools for prior, to capture their first-ever school district project in the City of New Orleans. One of the largest, most high-profile rebuilding assignments, the $50 million George Washington Carver Replacement High School, the project was being actively chased by both local and national contractors. The submitted proposal required both technical construction creativity and careful, clear positioning. The resulting selection of the Broadmoor team helped the company overcome this huge hurdle and win several further projects with the School District in the years since.

Broadmoor Data.png