The Need

As Colorado embarked on a branding undertaking for its first-ever aerotropolis development at the Denver International Airport (DEN), the State sought the guidance of an expert team of consultants. The development, with an expected impact of $26+ Billion for the State, seeks to bring an integrated marketplace for business and lifestyle to the 9,000 acres of vacant land surrounding the airport. Aiming to establish a brand that was unique amongst globally-competitive aerotropolis marketplaces, the team needed to undergo a massive research effort to help inform and influence both branding and development decision-making for decades to come.

the solution

With a history of economic development media relations, a long working relationship with the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, and a deep insight into the Denver International Airport’s goals, Curated Communications was hired to conduct a thorough media audit. This audit surveyed the landscape of editorial and social media coverage for aerotropolises in the U.S. and around the globe, identifying the key messaging and differentiators held by each development and the opportunities for Colorado’s to stand out amongst the set. Our team also reviewed the media coverage history across Colorado’s Front Range to help identify historic public sentiment in the project’s own backyard. The findings then set the table for Colorado’s development of its own careful positioning in front of local, national, and global audiences of all kinds.

DEN Data.png