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The Need

Manning Architects is an integrated architecture and planning firm with offices in New Orleans and Dallas. A 20+ person design practice, the firm was operating without an on-staff marketing leader for a short period of time in late 2017 and early 2018. With a constant flow of new business proposals produced to maintain a multi-location office, the firm was struggling to produce proposals under short turn-around deadlines.

the solution

Manning ultimately chose to partner with Curated Communications to help through this transitional time. With a significant background in proposal management and writing, we were able to work with the firm’s on-staff graphic designer to generate two very important proposals for the firm. Both led to the successful selection of Manning Architects as the designer for the projects, leading to a stronger work pipeline for the practice in the years ahead. Curated’s Nicole Marshall served as both the proposal manager - developing a strategic direction for the submissions and collaborating with consulting partners - as well as the lead proposal writer, crafting more than 80% of the content written in each submission.

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