The Need

In an effort to lure more businesses to the Western Slope of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the City of Grand Junction, along with its partners Downtown Grand Junction and the Grand Junction Economic Partnership, decided to create a new, mixed-use business park. This park was strategically designed to serve the outdoor recreation industry due to Grand Junction’s diverse terrain and the City’s central position within one of the State’s most high-growth industries. To time this launch strategically, though, the City had just 30 days to brand it, prepare informational materials, and launch a new website in time for an important national industry conference key to luring potential foundational tenants.

the solution

With our creative partners at Blue Linen Creative, the Curated Communications team quickly crafted strategic messaging and drove the creation of a critical print brochure tool and an online website. Our team successfully envisioned these positioning tools, crafted all content, and managed the design and production execution in time for the partnership’s big reveal.

Riverfront at Las Colonias Brochure.png
Riverfront Data.png