The Need

Sterling Ranch is a master-planned community in the southern Metro Denver area with big plans ahead. Launched in 2016, the new mixed-use community is zoned to include more than 12,000 new homes and 1.2+ million square feet of commercial space, including schools, churches, fire stations, and retailers. In order to sell residential lots and secure commercial partners, though, the community had a significant amount of new awareness to build.

the solution

The Curated Communications team came on board in early 2018 to build momentum across the community’s social media platforms. Without a significant amount of infrastructure in place to support a focused social media effort, we were able to quickly help the community increase their following and engagement across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms. In order to do this, we dove in, taking photos at development events and milestone celebrations, establishing branded content templates, and crafting a custom community hashtag campaign with longevity in mind. We also worked closely with current community residents to help provide them content and ideas for distribution through their own social media networks as well.

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